Outtake from feedback from MA showcase of Unauthorised Autobiography

You found some found original ways to use the monstrous feminine to explore issues of femininity, motherhood and pregnancy and general expectations of gender.  These investigations can often produce cliched, one-dimensional work, but you managed to bring your own distinctive voice and rhythm to the project. You took full advantage of your faith in anarchy and made the chaos work for you and gave the overall piece a curiously sound structure. Your various texts were well written and provided surprising and entertaining analyses of gender roles.  The juxtaposition of imagery -toothless old woman, continually pregnant young woman, neutral automaton, motherly instruction, satanic dancing -all collided very nicely to produce a strong and original feminist critique. There were also some great original accents such as offering wine to the audience from your pregnant belly. Overall this was a very good piece worth developing and performing in other contexts.


 – Lois Weaver