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I’m a queer neurodiverse non-binary artist from Norway who makes aggressively frivolous autobiographical performances/texts/punk songs about transness, loudness, wrongness, rage, thirst, magic, Britney Spears and bodies. 

I have performed at Barbican, Steakhouse Live, Live Art Bistro, The Marlborough Theatre, Bar Wotever, Latitude Festival, with Buzzcut at The Space, Chisenhale Dance Space, the South London Gallery, Battersea Arts Centre, Chelsea Theatre, Camden People’s Theatre, squat parties, house shows and a nuclear bunker in Essex, among other places. 

I have an MA in Performance (with distinction) and a BA in English and Drama from Queen Mary University of London.

I’m 5’3”.

I’m interested in femme identities, Britney Spears' mental breakdown, sex work and what happens to the performance trope of purposeful or interesting failure when the performer is neurodiverse.

I facilitate performance workshops for people of all ages, see the facilitation tab for details on the workshops I offer / can offer.

@jo_hauge on Instagram and Twitter